Timeworn Thaumaturgic Array

Timeworn Thaumaturgic Array

Timeworn Thaumaturgic Array

Tabletop other
ALC ALC:Lv.90 ALC ALC:Desynthesizable Color
This intimidating set of instruments is mysteriously distilling sinister and arcane liquids all by itself. While this fact is unnerving to say the least, it may be best to let it brew...

Timeworn Thaumaturgic Array Crafting Log

Water Crystal (8)
Lightning Crystal (8)
Timeworn Thaumaturgic Instruments (1)
Lunatender Blossom (2)
Open Book ( 1)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 3500 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 7200
Quality Up to 50%
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805
HQ Uncraftable

Timeworn Thaumaturgic Array Selling

Sells 30 gil

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