Personal Astroscope

 Personal Astroscope

Personal Astroscope

Outdoor Furnishing
Garden Ornament
GSM GSM:Lv.50 GSM GSM:Desynthesizable
A miniature astroscope used by aspiring astrologians to peer into the farthest reaches of the firmament.

Personal Astroscope Crafting Log

Wind Crystal (3)
Fire Crystal (2)
Rose Gold Nugget (4)
Darksteel Nugget (2)
Cobalt Ingot (4)
Cut Stone (3)
Clear Glass Lens
Recipe Details
Difficulty 624 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 1323
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Required: 275
HQ Uncraftable

Personal Astroscope Selling

Sells 412gil

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