Dried Well

Dried Well

Dried Well

Outdoor Furnishing
CRP CRP:Lv.35 CRP CRP:Desynthesizable
Have you dreamed of owning your very own well, but are plagued by one or more of the following psychological ailments: acrophobia, claustrophobia, aquaphobia, bathophobia, or cleithrophobia? Well fear no longer. This quality stone well, manufactured in Eorzea with 100% Eorzean materials, requires no hole to be dug, no ground to be sanctified, and no chain letters to be passed along to your dearest enemies.

Dried Well Crafting Log

Wind Shard (4)
Ice Shard (3)
Oak Lumber (2)
Granite (3)
Growth Formula Gamma (2)
Iron Ingot (2)
Rope Belt
Recipe Details
Difficulty 393 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 926
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
HQ Uncraftable

Dried Well Selling

Sells 195gil

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