Miniature Sophia

Miniature Sophia

Miniature Sophia

Tabletop Sculptures
Beast tribes/Primals
:Lv.60 :Desynthesizable
A statuette depicting the Meracydian goddess, Sophia. (Barbelo statuette suspiciously missing.) ※One per estate only.

Master Goldsmith IV

Miniature Sophia Crafting Log

Wind Cluster (3)
Fire Cluster (3)
Sophic Bead Fragment (1)
Wolfram Ingot (2)
Gold Ingot (2)
Platinum Ingot (1)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 3542 Durability 70 Maximum Quality 6593
Specialist Recipe
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Required: 995
Control Required: 955
HQ Uncraftable

Miniature Sophia Selling

Sells 1,212gil

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