Savage Gordian Bureau

Savage Gordian Bureau

Savage Gordian Bureau

Instanced dungeon
CRP CRP:Lv.60 CRP CRP:Desynthesizable
A writing desk crafted from gears found inside the right arm of the mechanical fortress Alexander. Magicks imbued within the furnishing cause the bureau to emit a soft glow that, while no one can see, all believe is there.

※Cannot be retrieved once placed.
※One per estate only.

Savage Gordian Bureau Crafting Log

Wind Cluster (2)
Ice Cluster (2)
Large Gordian Gear (2)
Astral Birch Lumber (3)
Birch Lumber (2)
Adamantite Nugget (2)
Aurum Regis Nugget (2)
Allagan Catalyst (3)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 2580 Durability 70 Maximum Quality 4715
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Required: 718
Control Required: 695

Savage Gordian Bureau Selling

Sells 1,497gil

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