Highland House Wall (Composite)

Highland House Wall (Composite)

Highland House Wall (Composite)

Exterior Wall
ALC ALC:Lv.60 ALC ALC:Desynthesizable
A highland composite wall designed exclusively for use with houses.

Highland House Wall (Composite) Crafting Log

Water Crystal (20)
Lightning Crystal (16)
Dark Chestnut Lumber (10)
Mythrite Ingot ( 10)
Firebricks ( 10)
Granite (15)
Clear Glass Lens ( 10)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 580 Durability 70 Maximum Quality 2700
Quality Up to 50%
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Recommended: 587
HQ Uncraftable

Highland House Wall (Composite) Selling

Sells 729 gil

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