Dinosaur Tailbone

Dinosaur Tailbone

Dinosaur Tailbone

Outdoor Furnishing
Garden Ornament
GSM GSM:Lv.60 GSM GSM:Desynthesizable
The tail of an ancient beast. Some believe that when struck with a mallet, the hollowed tailbones emit pleasant-sounding notes.

Dinosaur Tailbone Crafting Log

Wind Cluster (2)
Fire Cluster (2)
Dinosaur Fossil (3)
Marble (4)
Titanium Ingot
Hallowed Water
Recipe Details
Difficulty 2584 Durability 70 Maximum Quality 4715
Specialist Recipe
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Required: 718
Control Required: 695
HQ Uncraftable

Dinosaur Tailbone Selling

Sells 1,390gil

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