Riviera Swinging-door Counter

Riviera Swinging-door Counter

Riviera Swinging-door Counter

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GSM GSM:Lv.90 GSM GSM:Desynthesizable Color
Be advised not to let the doors of this handsome counter hit you on the way out, as many a barkeep can attest that they pack a punch for both buttocks.

Riviera Swinging-door Counter Crafting Log

Wind Crystal (32)
Fire Crystal (32)
Integral Lumber (6)
Granite (8)
Chloroschist Whetstone ( 2)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 3500 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 7200
Quality Up to 50%
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805
HQ Uncraftable

Riviera Swinging-door Counter Selling

Sells 60 gil

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