Bubbly Mogfloat

Bubbly Mogfloat

Bubbly Mogfloat

CUL CUL:Lv.90 Color
A tall glass of pom fizz topped with a heaping scoop of frosty ice cream.

※Cannot be retrieved once used.
※Can be used up to 10 times.

Meal benefits when used:
Skill Speed Bonus: +4% (Max 10)
VIT Bonus: +5% (Max 12)
Gear Durability Bonus: +3
EXP Bonus: +3%
Duration: 30m
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)

Bubbly Mogfloat Crafting Log

Fire Crystal (8)
Water Crystal (8)
Thundermelon (1)
Vanilla Beans (1)
Sweet Cream ( 1)
Palm Sugar (1)
Effervescent Water (1)
Bubble Chocolate ( 1)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 3500 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 7200
Quality Up to 50%
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805
HQ Uncraftable

Bubbly Mogfloat Selling

Sells 150 gil

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