Redoubtable Rolanberry Tart

Redoubtable Rolanberry Tart

Redoubtable Rolanberry Tart

A flaky-crusted tart with a slight acidity that complements its pleasant sweetness, so enormous that it should only be served at parties. Of course, sometimes a party can be just one hungry homeowner and a clean fork. Or a dirty one. It doesn't really matter.

※Cannot be retrieved once used.
※Can be used up to 10 times.

Meal benefits when used:
Tenacity Bonus: +4% (Max 10)
VIT Bonus: +4% (Max 12)
Gear Durability Bonus: +2
EXP Bonus: +3%

Redoubtable Rolanberry Tart Crafting Log

Fire Shard (5)
Water Shard (5)
Pie Dough (3)
Rolanberry (3)
Smooth Butter (3)
Maple Sugar (3)
Natron (3)
Gelatin (3)
Recipe Details
Difficulty 279 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 1125
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
Craftsmanship Recommended: 150
HQ Uncraftable

Redoubtable Rolanberry Tart Selling

Sells 333gil

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