Sylphic Flower Vase

Sylphic Flower Vase

Sylphic Flower Vase

Flower Vase
Beast tribes/Primals
ALC ALC:Lv.43 ALC ALC:Desynthesizable
A quaint vase inspired by sylphic colors and curves, holding an arrangement of flowers native to the Black Shroud.

Sylphic Flower Vase Crafting Log

Water Shard (5)
Lightning Shard (5)
Growth Formula Gamma (2)
Shroud Seedling (3)
Electrum Ingot (3)
Mahogany Lumber
Sylphic Silk
Recipe Details
Difficulty 496 Durability 80 Maximum Quality 1125
Quick Synthesis Unavailable
HQ Uncraftable

Sylphic Flower Vase Selling

Sells 203gil

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